Giving Up Smoking


I have smoked for over fifty years. I took it up when I was around 10 years old. I smoked up to twenty fags a day and it was always rolling tobacco. I didn’t want to give up, but when the smoking ban came in at Caswell in October I had to try. I used the nicotine chewing gum at first, but it wasn’t good for my teeth. So, I went on to the lozenges, but now I don’t use them anymore. I spent a month using chewing gum then lozenges before I stopped using nicotine. So I’ve been nicotine free for five months. I still crave a cigarette and still miss smoking, but I am pleased that I’ve given up. If I weren’t at Caswell, I would still try not to smoke as it’s not good for my health. I will try not to go back, though I haven’t noticed a difference to my health yet. Saving money?
If you want help to give up smoking there is one staff member on each ward who is trained in giving support to patients with giving up smoking, ask who it is on your ward. Also Carys and Simon, our Nurse Practitioners can provide support for giving up smoking too.

by Jim