My experience of Bi-Polar

I would just like to say that my particular illness is Bipolar. First and foremost, it is too much of a coincidence that many people who are suffering from this condition, have parents where one of them has been diagnosed or is allegedly showing the effect of the mental illness.

I go to a group that is attended by people who have genetically inherited bipolar illness. I know from past experiences that it can be exacerbated with the misuse of substances, but substances are not necessarily the cause of the illness.

I am passing on what I have experienced with the best part of my life on medication and in hospitals. I can honestly say it can be controlled as much as any other illness with medication but there is obviously no cure, you are going to have fluctuations in your mood. I have been a person who has had mood swings for a large part of my life.

Overall there has been a significant change in me with the help of medication and psychology which has given me the opportunity to talk my problems through, but I would say that one of the most beneficial things I have experienced , is to talk to people in bi-polar UK group who have had similar experiences, to be able to discuss coping mechanisms that have helped other people with this illness, will then equip me when I'm back in the community.