Issue 34

Editors Letter

It seems fitting at this time, to not only look back and reflect on events and achievements, but also to turn our attention to the future and the opportunities 2016 may have to offer.

Many of us will have made resolutions or plans for the year ahead, whilst some of us will be happy to take each day as it comes.

One thing that undoubtedly will not change this year is the Clinic's commitment to charitable fundraising. Since our summer edition of the Chat, there have been several fundraisers including Children in Need & 'Samosas for Schools'. The generosity evident amongst patients and staff alike was plain to see and reflects the community spirit here at Caswell.

Day to day at Caswell is often a non-stop buzz of ward-based activities, OT and AC groups, social evenings in the café, community leaves and much, much more! All this was reflected on and rewarded during the annual recognition event in December. The event saw a great turnout from patients and staff and everyone's favourite four-legged friend, Kaz the dog! Find out more about this eventful afternoon on pages 3-4.
Creativity and self expression was once again at the forefront when a group of patients and staff travelled to the Koestler exhibition in London in October. Two of our patients had the honour of their work being on display, a first for the clinic and a personal achievement for both.

Looking back, the clinic bade a fond farewell to firm favourites , Wayne, Christine & Dale. Their collective commitment to clinic life will undoubtedly be missed by many.
Looking forward to the new year... Active month started on the 11th January with a variety of fitness and healthy lifestyle campaigns. The New Year is always a good time to go for it, get up and get on!

So it just remains to say a huge Thank you to all who have contributed to this edition of the Caswell Chat, your efforts and hard work are much appreciated. Thanks to those who have volunteered their ideas and creativity, and especially to those who have taken the time to write articles.

Here's wishing you all a happy and healthy 2016.

Editor (HardCopy)