37/41ers   Patient Band

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37/41ers are 6 members strong with two singers Adrian, Mel, Bassist Ryszard, guitarist Thomas, drummer Lewis, and staff member Richard Activity Co-ordinator on guitar.

The band members spoke about the experience of being in the band:

“Practicing for the recognition event was a lot of fun and a lot of hours practice.”

“Some members of the band have played before and some haven’t played at all and are still learning and have never played in front of a live audience.”

“We decided to pick songs that were familiar and some songs we decided to go with was because we just loved them and the sound and our own take on those songs.”

“When the 6 of us come together in the music room to jam out new or old stuff it feels right we all get on in the band it flows really well the music we play and we all ways look to further or self’s in music ability and it’s just electric when we all jell together and we are all in time with one another.”

They came up with name 37/41ers one day in the music room practising. Everyone thought it was a real good name so it kind of stuck and they are all happy with it.

The band members spoke about the gig at the Recognition Event:

“On the day of the gig some of us were nervous some were excited and maybe scared all at the same time.”

“Praying that we don’t mess up any of the songs in the set, Richard A/C was like don’t worry about it guys we will just have fun and rock the holy crap out of it.”

“So first show and just before going on there was a power outage and we could not get the amps turned on or the P.A so there was drama before we started but we got it all working again and the show must go on…….”

The first song by Pink “Like a pill” started the set. The whole band was concentrating hard on not messing up and they focused all the way through the song with a little bit of nerves but at the end of the song the crowd clapped loud and were shouting for more. Now their nerves was settled the band went straight into a Johnny cash number “Hung my head” which was a bit different but showed off the bands diversity being a bit slower and a more emotional song. Then the 37/41ers took it up a notch with a cover by The Who/ Limp Bizkit “Behind Blue Eyes”. Then they really found their groove by playing a hard metal rock song “ Mouth” by Paradise Lost which had loads of energy and excitement.

The last song of the set was “Live Forever” by Oasis which everyone joined in with and sang along to finish the gig. But the crowd wanted more so they did an encore, which the band only learnt the night before the gig, another Oasis song “wonder Wall” which went down well with the crowd plus the band. Overall the band played really well and it was a lot of fun for all of them and the crowd wanted more which is always a good sign at the end of a gig.

Crowd Roar

All the band would like to thank everyone for staying around and listening to us it means a lot and there are more gigs coming up soon with all new songs for us.

Keep rocking………..