Issue 16

Time of Year for New Beginnings

This is a time of year for new beginnings. Traditionally at this time we celebrate Easter-the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Also, it is the time when the cold and darkness of winter ends and the light and warmth of spring begins. Trees and plants that have for several months appeared dead suddenly begin to bloom with life. Insects, birds, and other animals emerge from hibernation. All about us we see new beginnings

I think it is also a time when each of us should consider "a new beginning ".

Although it is often the case that we are unable to alter our circumstances, one thing that we are always able to alter is our attitude to our circumstances, the way we choose to live our lives, and also the way we choose to relate to other people.

Kindness, helpfulness, tolerance, and friendliness cost us nothing in terms of money although they may cost us a lot of effort, particularly when we are in a bad mood or have just received unpleasant news. Often just a grey cloudy day can make us quite miserable and irritable.

Would it not be a wonderful "new beginning " if we each decided to make the decision just to try to be that little bit more patient, considerate, helpful, and friendly to those around us?

I think it is also so important in life to develop a healthy sense of humour and to share laughter and a joke. It is even now a proven medical fact that if a person is feeling a bit fed up or sad and yet they force themselves to smile or laugh this can instantly lift their mood!