Knit, Knot and Natter

This group was established at the request of patients who had been attending the craft group and had begun to learn to crochet. They wanted more time to practice this new skill and so we found a place in the OT timetable to add this new session. The original attendees of the group are still coming along every week and their skills are improving all the time with the list of completed projects growing ever longer! The success of this group is borne out by crochet now being carried out back on the wards, both in patients’ bedrooms and communal areas. Crochet is not the only activity available in this session – you are welcome to knit too!

There are many benefits to engaging in crafts such as knitting and crochet. Documented examples include:

Helping to manage long term physical pain
Building confidence and self-esteem with the learning of new skills
Helping with relaxation which in turn reduces stress and anxiety
Helping to promote calmness and can be used as a self-soothing tool
Promotes community and friendship
Engenders a sense of belonging
Provides a sense of identity
Mood enhancing

One of the best things about being able to knit or crochet is making things for both yourself and for others – seeing the delight and appreciation of the person you are giving to is one of the best feelings and provides a huge sense of satisfaction.

Monday afternoons 2.30 – 4.30 in the Art Room