Skills for Living

What’s in a name? Skills for living, Think, Say, Do or don’t say it too loud…drama group! This group has been all of these things as it’s evolved to fit the needs of the patients in the clinic. So like a phoenix rising from the ashes the skills for living group has grown and developed to be the popular group it is today!
So what is skills for living and why might this group be the perfect fit for you? Let me and a few of our regular group members tell you a bit about this group. The group focuses on developing people’s social skills, confidence, independence and ability to cope with everyday challenges. Every week we have a different topic, in the last sessions we looked at goal setting, gratitude, overthinking, self-control, anxiety, social anxiety, confidently presenting yourself and reviewing goals.
There’s an interactive warm up and then a range of activities including group discussion, practical activities, peer support, sharing ideas, workshops and the dreaded scenarios…don’t let that put you off it’s the staff that do the “acting”. We act out real life scenes of everyday problems and as a group we look at how these problems can be resolved.
People say that the group is good fun and a great way to learn the skills you need in everyday life. If you’re interested in joining, speak to your OT!
Here’s what others are saying about the group…
“It’s fun, It’s enjoyable and it’s highly addictive” Jason
“It’s useful for talking to people” Craig
“It’s helpful and enjoyable” Josh
“Skills for living has been helpful for improving my social skills” Thomas