Issue 34

Sam's Story

I arrived in Caswell Clinic January 20th 2015. At first I was a bit overwhelmed as it was such a big change to Cygnet where I had come from.  I couldn't believe I could sleep all day if I wanted to, and the staff brought my medication to wherever I was. At first I did sleep a lot but then realised the team wouldn't be able to assess me if I was sleeping a lot.

So anyway Karen the OT came and offered me groups I could do, like Art, Pottery and Cooking, and African Drumming on a Thursday!  I was so happy to know that Penny the chaplain came in every Wednesday, because I believe in God big time.

In Pottery I've made my mum a swan and a Christmas tree, they were really good and my mum loves them.  I also love art.

I've always gone to the Discovery Group, every Wednesday on the ward.  We talk about various topics such as self harm and expectations.  I have also done three stages of the Relapse Prevent Group which was amazing. I learnt a lot from it. I've also done a self harm group too which I learnt a lot from.

The groups are mostly mixed and for me that is great. I love being with males and females together.

I can't thank staff enough, they are all lovely people and they want the best for all us patients.

Recovery Newton Ward is great. We have a lovely ward manager Kelly O'Sullivan. She's really fair, and all the primary nurses and HCA's are wonderful.

Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been an easy ride, it's been a rollercoaster.  The best way I can explain it is they break you down to build you back up again.

I've never felt so happy, strong and confident in all my life so thank you Caswell Clinic. You've helped me rebuild my life. My family, friends and most importantly me are fixed. 

Also I need to mention the AC's, they are wonderful. They take us on trips out every week, they do bingo quiz and poker on a Monday.  Games night is on a Thursday and film night on a Saturday. I cannot fault them.

Also I have to mention I'm progressing well here thanks to the Psychologist, my Primary Nurse,, and everyone. I've been here 10 months now, I have home leave and a voluntary job in a cafe in the community.

Life couldn't be much better at the moment, I'm on the road to recovery.

Thanks Caswell,