Halloween and Rugby World Cup

Rugby world CupThroughout the world cup we did a sweep where staff and patients paid £1 to enter. There were prizes for 1st,2nd and 3rd place. Staff nurse Serena won 1st place, a patient from Caswell came 2nd and another member of staff from Ogmore Ward came 3rd.

We decorated the ward with flags of the countries competing in the World Cup. All flags were made by staff and patients on Ogmore Ward. We hung them high on the walls for all to see.

Throughout the month, staff and patients came together to watch matches, especially when Wales were playing.

Halloween Icon

Halloween was on the final day of the World Cup, so we decorated the day area and door entering the communal areas with spooky decorations. There were spider webs on all the walls and skeletons hanging from the doorframes!

As it was the final of the World Cup and Halloween on the same day, we had nibbles and snacks throughout the day and one member of staff turned for a late shift dressed as a witch! Heeheehee!!

We had a spook-tacular time!!

Written by Jamie.