Issue 16

OT Students Share Experiences of Caswell Clinic.

Our first knowledge of where we were going on clinical placement came in the post from our university in Exeter. The letter informed us of what sort of placement we had been given and the location (Wales! !). Our first thoughts were, "fabulous, great, just what I asked for!!" (Jane), and "Not what I asked for! Help!!!~" (Alison).

Once arriving here we were soon put at ease by staff and patients who were all very friendly and supportive. Our first task was to try and find our way around the clinic and learn what felt like a million names! After the first couple of weeks we soon got into the swing of things within the clinic and were learning and taking part in the fabulous Occupational Therapy sessions that are available for patients here at the Caswell.

As time has gone on, we have both gained in confidence and are able to take on more responsibility and tasks such as planned cookie sessions, filling in ward books, feeding back at CTM, s and learning the theory behind occupational therapy practice at the Clinic.

It wasn't long before we reached the half -way stage of our 11 week placement. At this point we were both assessed by our OT supervisors on our progression and whether we were passing the required competencies. Luckily we both passed! Following this, we are encouraged to undertake more within the clinic and to do tasks that we have not yet completed.

Alison -"I regularly attend pottery group. I really enjoy this and find the patients fun to be around, even if they do mock my clay cow! I have to admit that the best part is going for a chocolate and a chin-wag at the cafe in the break!!

Jane- "I have enjoyed attending all of the Occupational Therapy groups with the people here, particularly African Drumming. This session allows patients and staff to show off their drumming skills (or not in my case!) and to generally make a lot of noise, learn new skills and have fun within the group!

We are still working towards passing our clinical placement which will help lead us to becoming fully qualified Occupational Therapists' next year (hopefully!). We have both thoroughly enjoyed our time so far at the clinic, and would like to thank all the patients and staff that we have worked with for their support and making our placement so enjoyable!

We both feel that our time at the Caswell has been a huge learning experience and will reflect back on our experiences with fond memories.

Jane and Alison (Occupational Therapy students).