Issue 16

Compost Corner: 00.6

gardenfeathers3Although spring has been late this year, for the first time we have had heated greenhouses which have enabled us to plant seeds for the garden and to sell to staff, family and friends. In fact we have planted over two thousand seeds in trays and these have been pricked out and put into pots. We order Suttons Seeds in the winter and get a large discount on seeds. In spite of the large size of the greenhouses we are already filling to capacity – so roll on Spring

gardenfeathers4We have also embarked on a project to landscape one of our plots. We have put in stepping stone to make a pattern of the three Welsh feathers  we will plant flowers in the plot to make a feature for the summer months so watch this space!!

gardBrickworkWe are also going to plant potatoes in compost bags. The idea is that we start with some compost in the bottom of the bag and add compost as the potatoes grow.

Good luck with your garden

garden designBy: JaymieJ