Issue 16

My Religion & Living in Caswell Clinic

Hi, my name is Kamal, I come from Bangladesh and am currently a patient at Caswell Clinic. I am a Muslim of Islaam and I thought that I would explain a little my faith which is a minority at the Clinic. In fact, at this moment I am the only Muslim here.

Firstly what is Islam - it is the belief in one god. It is also built up of 4 other pillars one of which is to pray 5 times a day, another is fasting in Ramadan, and Zakat (which is to pay the welfare (ie to give to the poor and needy)), and Hajj (the pilgrimage to Makkah - if one cannot afford to make the pilgrimage then one does not have to but instead one must feed a certain number of poor people)

I would like to explore my experiences with you about my life in Caswell Clinic.

As I have said I'm the only Muslim on the Clinic however there have been others in the past and will no doubt be more in the future.

I miss being with my Muslim brothers and sisters - this is different to my own brothers and sisters who are also so important to me.

I try to join in with activities in the clinic such as sport football, basketball, badminton and gym but I have to admit to getting up late in the day.

As I said earlier, I pray 5 times a day. There are problems in being disturbed whilst praying, I wish people would look through the small window on the door rather than knock on my door. I have to say that I do struggle up to pray and I have to admit that I go back to bed in the morning!

I eat various meat dishes but not pork. I have to say that I do not like it when pork is eaten in my presence but I grin and bear it. The meat dishes must be prayed for as Halal food. Other religions get to express their religions at certain times such as Christmas with topical buffet food. Last Christmas there was no Muslim food for the buffet such as samosa and onion bhaji.

I hope that this article has explained a little about my religion I would like it if people could listen to my religion with an open mind when asked to explain it, as I also respect other religions and faiths as well.

By Kamal