Issue 16

Keostler Awards

The Keostler Awards is an annual competition and exhibition of award-winning arts from UK prisons, young offender institutions, secure units and high security psychiatric hospitals. It was founded to encourage creativity among individuals in detention and now receives over 4000 entries every year.

Last year several Caswell Clinic patients won awards; and cash prizes up to the value of £60 and were presented with them in an award ceremony held in the clinic's cafe. With the aim of building on last years success more entries then ever before have been submitted by Caswell Clinic patients this year, in many of the award scheme's various categories:

Brett entered a range of work including a cold frame, bench trough, terrace and seed box that he had made in his woodwork sessions and Adrian entered a beautiful bird nesting box. Several members of the art group have entered their paintings including Terry, Andy and Liz. The craft group, which includes; Aubrey, Graham, Carlton and Jon have built from pebbles, old buckets, driftwood and other flotsam and jetsam washed up on the beach, a miniature village consisting of eight cottages, a church, school, castle, fire station, pub, greengrocers and fishmongers,\school and of course a cafe!

The clinic's budding music stars with award entries include Paul with his rap CD, a recording of a performance by the African hand drummers -including Adrian, Liz, Andy, Melvyn and Lawrence and "Picasso's Kitchen", the CD produced by Dan, Chris and Carlton during DJing workshops

Our very own "Caswell Chat" is a regular prize winner in both the magazine and computer skills award categories and so has been entered again, along with two of regular contributor, Christine's poems

Thanks to everyone for all their hard work and fingers crossed it will be recognised by the judges.

We wish all the entrants the best of luck.

by: Heather & Nicole. OT Dept