Recognition Event

On 13th December, Caswell Clinic held the annual Recognition Event. As another year came to a close, we took time to reflect and celebrate the year gone by. Christmas is a time to celebrate; to be with friends and family; to give and to receive, to sing Christmas carols and to watch the nativity.

Though for many, the Christmas season can be difficult. Pressures on money and time take their toll. Many may experience difficult relationships or are separated from loved ones, feelings of loneliness can be intensified. For some, Christmas is associated with bad memories, loss and hopelessness. In spite of these difficulties, people can achieve amazing things. However, difficult thoughts and feelings may skew our view, casting a shadow over our achievements, our progress and our hopes and values.

The recognition event aims to shine a light on that shadow, to bring people together and recognise the achievements of our people; achievements that have come about through hard work, dedication, creativity and doing things together.

The recognition event has grown year and year and this year we celebrated our 7th annual event. For the first time we welcomes friends and family to join in with the celebrations. We proudly showcased out achievements through awards, displays and performances. We thanked each other publicly. We worked together in teams on a quiz, which was won by Will’s team. We sang together, led by the Welsh group and all took part in a percussion performance, led by Aaron. Congratulations to everyone and thank you to everyone who took part.