Healthy Goals for Lockdown

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Why not set some healthy goals during lockdown? Here are some ideas for things you can do:

Use your daily astroturf hour to walk, run, or play some football.
Set a walking challenge. How many laps of the courtyard or garden can you walk in a day.
Set some bodyweight exercise challenges. How many press-ups, sit-ups and squats can you do in one go? Try doing an extra one every day. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can build your strength.

Make your goals SPECIFIC.
Saying ‘I’m going to complete two half-hour gym sessions this week’ is much better than saying ‘I’m going to exercise more’.

Make your goals REALISTIC.
You may want to work out every day, but is this realistic?
What if you get ill? What if the weather is bad?
What if something else comes up?
Start with smaller goals. This will help keep you motivated. If you end up exceeding your goal - that’s an extra bonus.
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