Voted Caswell Chat's Most Popular Poem


After six months of voting for your favourite poem on the Caswell Chat website we can now announce the out comes.


The most popular poem was " Side Effects".  This was followed jointly by; " Lyn the Lion ", " White Doves ", and " My Life " . In third place, again another joint placing for the following poems:  " Unescorted ", " Time Does Pass ", " An Ode to Bothers in Arms ", " A Nameless Girl ", " Waiting for those Days",  " Memories of Homelessness", " Setting the Scene " and " Meow ".


Apart from congratulations to you all for getting so many votes it is also a time to thank you for sharing.  Some visitors will relate and share with you feelings while  others will leave with a better understanding of what mental health can be like for an individual.  Bottom line your poems have been well read and enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.  Thanks for sharing its has displayed your creativity and opened the eyes of others and carry on doing so.


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