Record Time

 music sound recording3


Two of our patients have been working hard to meet a deadline in order to have an entry ready for the 2019 Koestler Awards. We needed to ensure that everything was finished by the end of the day on Thursday 28th March as the entries needed to be sent off the day after. The aim was to produce a recorded piece of original guitar instrumental music and have a CD made by the deadline, ready for submission. Jason had composed the music and rehearsed for several weeks in the music room, making good use of his (vast) array of guitar effects pedals! We have a Zoom MRS1266 portable recording studio in the music room, which can not only record the music but burn a CD of the completed music. We enlisted the help of Thomas who has become a bit of an expert on the Zoom as he undertook the role of producer, recording all the guitar parts ontseparate tracks (the Zoom has 14 usable tracks) mixing down those separate tracks into a final “master” then burning the finished CD. The photograph shows the team at work and gives an idea of some of the equipment we needed to produce the finished piece. On the last day we worked through from 2.15pm to 6.45 in the evening to finish off. The finished piece– Tomson2– carries the name of its creators– Tom and Jason– (we were going to be the Tomson Twins, but we think that name was taken!) We were mighty relieved when we played the first CD on a CD player! We have already started work on the next piece of music. If anyone is interested in having a go at recording music, have a chat with Geoff (AC)!