Caswell Clinic Rubbish Ramble

Isaac Rees and Emi Chubb with rubbish collected in a two minute spell. image courtesy of Julie OShea


A rubbish ramble?! This litter picking walk was actually a fantastic day trip!  On the 2nd September a group of patients and staff from Caswell Clinic headed to the Gower for a beach clean.  The outing began with a drive to Worms Head, where everyone enjoyed a picnic lunch in the fresh air with wonderful views.  After building up their strength with food, the team went to the Gower Heritage centre and walked for about half an hour, covering about a mile to their beach clean destination.  The team was helping with a Gower Heritage initiative to clean up the beaches and increase environmental awareness. To support marine conservation, the team went along the Llwybr Artordr Coastal Pathway and Penmaen Burrows.  Everyone participated in a beach survey of rubbish, taking part in the annual Gower Heritage beach watch, covering a specific area of beach. A wide range of different rubbish was collected, sorted and disposed of, including plastic fishing gear, rope, bottles, cans and food litter.


(WebEd: found this image which depics the problem graphically the article can be read here :  Meet the Welsh family dedicating their weekends to keep Pendine Beach clean