Gardening at Caswell Clinic


This year we have already had some good crops of peas, broad beans, chard and a few potatoes which we tried as an experiment in the greenhouse. We have cabbage, chillies, peppers, tomatoes, more peas , runner beans, lettuce and leeks all growing well and are going to sow turnips, radish and onions. We are growing crops to go on the new allotment that we now have. The areas in the garden we look after are the 2 greenhouses and the 2 flower beds near the greenhouses. At the moment we have about 7 patients involved in the various sessions throughout the week. Thanks for all the hard work and also thank you for the continuous plant and seed donations from staff.
Thanks, Rich


We have been lucky enough to have been given an allotment in Pyle to work on. So far we are at the early stages but the potential is huge. The area is about 3 times of one of our courtyards but at the moment we are concentrating on 1 small raised bed that was already on the site .My thanks to Kris and Derek who have already started working on the site. We will need to plan the area, as there are chickens and ducks on the site that have a tendency to roam. At the moment we are clearing the area with the intention of planting raspberries, strawberries and blackcurrants which we have taken cuttings from the ones in the garden. Any one who is interested should contact myself or their OT.
Thanks, Rich.