News Snippets


There are circuits sessions in the sports hall every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12.00—12.30.
They are open to anyone looking to keep fit or for those just wanting to get some light exercise—you can tailor it to suit your ability.

Thank you to Neil and the OT department for setting it up and helping to keep us all fit and healthy!



Mobile library

Every 3 weeks the mobile library which is run by the council visits the Caswell clinic. It is open to all, and most people who use it are those which don’t have community leaves. You can borrow books, cds and some dvds for up to 6 weeks. There is a good range of books and cds and a limited amount of dvds. If you are interested in using the service contact Richard and anyone else in the OT department



There are yoga groups every Thursday afternoon from 2.30 with Alex, Neil and the Yoga Instructor Lynne.
People are given the opportunity to come along and enjoy a good stretch which is good for mind and body. The stretches vary and suit all abilities. Yoga is good for anyone at any level wishing to just loosen up and feel the benefits of stretching. There are warm-ups and cool-downs with relaxation at the end.
Come along and enjoy yourselves!