Pen Y Fan Challenge

Pen Y Fan mountain

On the 31st August last year a group from Caswell Clinic set out to scale the highest peak in South Wales, Pen Y Fan! Situated in the stunning Brecon Beacons National Park.
Pen Y Fan’s peak stands at 886 meters above sea-level making it quite the challenging climb.
The group set out for a full day’s adventure, with packed lunches and good sturdy walking boots. Some of the group had been training for months, attending regular green group sessions and working hard in the gym!
Here’s what a few people who attended had to say: -

“As I climbed up to 300 meters I started to feel the strain on my legs. My legs were in pain, my thighs were like jelly and it was uphill all the way, no flat bits at all. I persevered with the pain in my legs, I can’t explain how I made it but I made it up there! As I was coming down, a couple of 100 meters from the finish I met a young lady and she asked is it far to go? I said “it’s quite a distance, and then I said my legs were in pain but I made it so you should make it!” It took me about half an hour to come back down. If the sun was shining on the way up it would have killed me off but the great achievement was I made it! I am proud of myself and if I can do it, anyone can do it” (Anthony).

“It was very tiring walking up there, so tiring that some people dropped out in the first 100 yards. It was an enjoyable day. There was a food van in the car park to get snacks before the climb. I will be doing it again this year!” (Keith).
“It damn near killed me!” (Aseef).
“Tough at the top!” (Richard).
“It was really good; the sense of achievement was tremendous! The view from the peak was brilliant” (Kris).
“It was good fun; there was a sense of achievement getting to the top!” (Wayne).
“It was a fantastic day and a great achievement for everyone who made it to the summit. Worth every step for the beautiful views when we got there!” (Lou)