Food bank

Bridgend logo three colourThe food bank counts as a voluntary role. The group has six patients and one patient who acts as a reserve, going at the last minute if there’s space. The group runs every Tuesday morning. Three patients take their turn each week. The group and an OT go down to the food bank to help to unpack the boxes, load the shelves putting the food on separate shelves and checking the dates.
Some weeks there can be a huge delivery other weeks there’s hardly anything. “The staff at the food bank are friendly, welcoming and offer us tea, coffee and a biscuit. They really appreciate our help. It makes us feel really helpful and I enjoy doing it” (Jamie R).
We’re always looking for new recruits so speak to your OT if you’re interested. Give it a go!
You can get involved by volunteering or through donating any unwanted food items, there’s a collection box in reception where you can donate tinned items, biscuits, cereal, snacks, sweets or any items which won’t go off. The hard work of the volunteers is recognised by the staff at the food bank and at the yearly recognition awards where patients receive certificates for their efforts.

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Here’s what the team have to say about volunteering at the food bank: -
“I enjoy it, it’s nice to know you’re helping people. Its a friendly atmosphere. Everyone gets on well with each other and the ladies who work there make you feel welcome”. (Jason M).
“It gives you motivation. It makes you feel good for helping in the community”. (Stephen G).
“I feel good about myself for helping others. I find the work enjoyable”. (Wayne F).
Here’s a little quote about the Caswell team from food bank Operations Manager Karen! “The team come and help us at Bridgend food bank every Tuesday. They are a great asset to us, always keen and happy to help. They save us a lot of physical work, which allows us to get on and serve people in crisis. I would like to thank the team and look forward to working with them more in the future”. jamie