Issue 33

Caswell Chat Editors Letter  

Welcome to the 2015 summer edition of the Caswell Chat. As usual, the clinic has been a hive of activity in the six months since the last edition of the magazine.

Notable events include a trip to the Cardiff exhibition of the Koestler awards, a group of patients and staff took in the sights and sounds of the Millennium Centre and Cardiff Bay on a blustery day in February. The collection itself was an eclectic mix of art forms ranging from traditional canvas paintings to intricate collage pieces. It was a particular pleasure to see our patient's work on display; a huge thumbs up for the creative talent based here at Caswell.

The clinic has a proud history of supporting charitable causes, so it was no surprise that patients and staff rallied round Jo of the Occupational Therapy department, when she decided to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. A cake sale was held in conjunction with a dress down day for staff resulting in over £300 being raised towards Jo's total.

More information on this hair raising caper can be found in the magazine!

Comic relief was again superbly supported by staff and patients alike, providing a welcome boost of light-hearted fun and humour throughout the wards.

As we enter the summer months, we turn our attentions to the great outdoors and the ever popular topic of conversation, the great British weather. Prior to publication, Cardigan ward will be holding their summer fete (let's hope the sun will have shone!).

Sports Day will be just around the corner, a chance for wards to vie for bragging rights in the fitness department. BBQ's will be the order of the day, as long as the Wimbledon curse doesn't cause a washout!

The contributors to this edition of the chat have been too numerous to mention individually, but a massive thank you must go out to all who have given up their time in order to ensure this editor's letter had something to be printed with!

Wishing all readers a healthy and productive summer,

The Editor.

In memoriam Mike, who passed away peacefully on Thursday 25th June. Rest in peace.