Issue 33

Voluntary work @ Bridgend Food Bank


The voluntary role at Bridgend Food Bank was set up by Nick with the support of the OT department. The group has been successfully running since 2012. Each week three patients and a member of the OT team attend the food bank to volunteer. The role is very popular so we have two teams who alternate each week. There's a waiting list to attend the group, with the patient at the top of the list filling in as a reserve when there's space. In the last year eleven Caswell patients have been involved in working at the food bank.

We are warmly welcomed by the staff at the food bank who are always grateful for our help and support. The work involves unpacking large crates of in date, non perishable food items and stacking the shelves. Patients check the dates of food items and label items as needed. We ensure that the tins and boxes are arranged in date order, with the oldest items at the front to be used first.

By volunteering at the food bank, Caswell patients are helping to support local people in times of great need. Patients develop the ability to work as part of a team, to develop their confidence and social skills, to improve their organisational skills and to be flexible as they may be called upon with short notice to attend.

Patient's contribution to the food bank is acknowledged by the clinic at the yearly recognition awards where patients receive certificates for their dedication and hard work.

How can I get involved?
If you have community leave, escorted or unescorted, ask your OT to refer you to the group. We also have a donations box set up in reception where you can donate some non perishable items such as tins of food, boxes of cereal or even those unwanted sweets and chocolates if you are trying to watch you weight!

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