Issue 33

7 Things you may not know about Socal work

  • The actor Samuel L Jackson used to be a social worker before he became a famous actor.
  •  Social workers do a lot of training to qualify and most are now qualified to degree level, this takes three years.
  •  There are 7 social workers in Caswell Clinic, most are also
  • Approved Mental Health Professionals which means they specialise in co-ordinating assessments under the Mental Health Act (MHA) 1983. This means they have specialised knowledge of the MHA and mental health issues.
  •  Most social workers have a strong belief in social justice; this means they believe that people are affected by their background, community and social issues such as deprivation, discrimination and poverty.
  •  Social Work within Caswell Clinic can be regarded as the 'bridge' to the outside world. That is why we work with families and representatives of your Home Authority throughout your time at Caswell Clinic.
  •  In many cases your social worker (along with your Community Psychiatric Nurse and RC) will continue to support you when you leave the Clinic. We visit people in their own homes and help new care teams to get to know you.
  •  Social Work can help with many things – examples are your benefits, housing issues, your legal and human rights, family and relationship issues, seeing your children, dealing with other agencies on your behalf, legal issues and your finances.