10 Year Bash 

Caswell Clinic 10 year anniversary

We had it all, laughing, crying, singing and some ferocious hand clapping. Six months prior to the event it was suggested that we celebrated 10 years in the purpose built damp free all singing all dancing medium secure facility. If I say so myself the evening was a triumph with everybody pitching in and the OT department as usual shouldering the greater part of the burden when it came to the organisation.
We had an introduction from the good doctor (no not Dr Who but our very own Roger Thomas) who waxed lyrical about the wonderful service at Caswell and the fantastic way that patients participated in events and most importantly their recovery. Roger reminisced, taking the audience back to the beginning when he chose his office and the positive feelings of being there at the beginning (no mention of the damp). It was indeed a classy opening to proceedings and I had my concerns how the next act would be able to follow Roger's silky tones and gravitas. I need not have worried as the comedian's act was in such stark contrast that many of us were moved to belly aches and tears (Roger included).
As many of us know in this life it is not the events themselves but our perception of those events that can make the difference. On the night no one knew this or demonstrated it better than Karen (drama coach and keen gardener). Karen's act was the cleanest dirtiest and most informative I have had the pleasure of seeing, and when Karl's dibber was introduced the roof of the sports hall nearly fell in (imagine the incident report that would have created for Sian).
There was a short break so that everybody could gather their senses as they had been somewhat scrambled by Karen's endless gags in her apron and marigolds! At this point we all dived into the wonderful buffet that had been laid on by Jax. An incredible selection of healthy treats and naughty nibbles that were demolished (ever the athlete I think that I must of eaten two strawberries and a pineapple square) over the course of the evening. I did notice one or two people over indulging but I would never name names, Karl!
All that was left was to get the music started. Rob drummed and the rest of his band played. Song after song belting out and more, our very own Mick up on the stage giving it large on the gui-tar. It was a joy to see Mick's face lit up and everybody clapping along to some great old tunes.
Just like that it was over and all that was left was to thank everybody that was involved in organising, enjoying and cleaning up.

Thanks every one, perhaps we won't leave it so long next time