Issue: 32

Health promotion: Caswell Clinic

Occupational Therapy
Sports day and various sporting activities.
Healthy cooking advice and sessions
Structured range of activities.

What else is happening around the clinic

Healthy lifestyle group, Physical health and
wellbeing group
Rambling , cycling, gym, football, swimming,
Menu review and patient questionnaire
Smoking cessation/reduction advice and support
Recovery star groups
Opportunities for staff training - smoking
cessation support, health promotion.

Penarth Ward
-Health promotion staff links- Daniel, Rob.
-Patient representative- Shaun W
The ward has Introduced an activities board, Smoothies weekly (patients choose fruits), Communal meals on Sunday monthly (patients choose) staff encourage healthy options to go with meals, Relaxation groups, Community meeting weekly (feedback), Xbox kinect , Wii sports, Garden groups, Walking groups, Allocate staff time in diary to facilitate activities
Gym programmes based on individual needs and physical mental wellbeing

Cardigan Ward
-Health promotion staff links- Lucy B , Jordan
-Patient representative- Donatien C
Staff fed back that the ward has commenced Healthy taster group, Smoothie night, Running group, Cycling group, Gardening group Rambling group, Gym group.
Also looking into including other activities that can be facilitated internally such as: Couch to 5k, Tennis group, Badminton group, Wii-fit, Swimming group.
During community meetings patient views will be discussed and a decision will be made on an updated list of activities which will hopefully accommodate all patients on the ward.

Tenby Ward
-Health promotion links– Christian, Helen
Patient rep– Umran
off ward group activities to Gym, Sports hall for Badminton sessions, regular walks are encouraged within the garden for patients without external leaves. We ran a gardening group when the weather permitted growing herbs and vegetables. Healthy communal meals are provided by ward based staff.
From our Community meeting, patients are keen to start a weekly activity session.

Newton Ward
Health promotion links – Vicki, Sita & Karlie
Patient representative– OPEN

Ogmore Ward
-Health promotion links– Steve M Steve F. -Patient representative– Kris J
Kris fed back that the ward had continued with activities reported previously such as walking group, individual challenges and smoothie taster sessions.
Kris also reported that the ward was aiming to complete a 24 hour sponsored cycle ride for children in need charity, the ward has identified staff that have 1 hour per shift protected to facilitate health promotion activities such as gym, walking etc.
The ward Is reviewing whilst looking at using the smoking room as a functional facility and not a social meeting place by banning the consumption of food in there.