Issue 32

Staff & Patient Feedback

Here's some of the staff and patient feedback regarding patient centred care in Caswell Clinic.
(The names of individuals aren't included rather than an X we've used "someone" )



"Help building trust between staff and patients. And help building trust in ourselves." 

 "The manager kept her word to see me if any issues arose."
 "Always wanting what's best for the patient & knowing what's important to the patient in
their recovery."


 "All staff are brilliant, as in all walks of life we all have our ups and downs and differences but we are adult enough to work through that and as a whole we all get on as a community pretty good,
even the housekeepers are excellent."


"Always respected never talked down to. Staff are always prepared to help.
Out of ten/ 12."

 "Someone" went out of his way to help me type up my CTP report, which went well."
"Ogmore & Tenby staff have done a great amount of work helping me and trying to understand me and my complex personality."


Giving support regarding family issues.
Bereavement! Illness!
Coping with dynamics of the family unit."


"Someone" is such a caring nurse. She has an soft touch and is always wanting to make sure patients are well. I'm so glad she's my primary nurse. She makes me laugh so much and tries her best to sort out things for me."

"Someone has helped me a lot with wise words and experience."
"Ogmore & Tenby staff have done a great amount of work helping me and trying to understand me and my complex personality."


"Someone has been marvellous to me. She recognises when I'm not feeling great and alerts the nursing staff instead of me having to approach them. She is genuinely interested in the progress I am

"I think doctors and your primary care team make you feel involved in what care you receive as an individual, as everybody has different needs."


"X is really good at getting me my groceries every week and she makes no fuss in getting what I want. She is kind and polite and does her job really


 "I'd like to thank "someone" for all her perseverance and commend her on her professionalism and straight-talking which will stand me in good stead for the future."

"One member of staff, who has unfortunately left, always had time to chat and joke with me. She brightened my day and made my time here somewhat easier."


"Someone has encouraged me to go to the weekly recovery group.

been an interesting experience for me.
I would like to get involved in the mentoring programme.
If it wasn't her support I would not have gone.
Thank you.