Issue 32

5 STONE lost ?

I've lost just under five stone in two years. I've managed to keep my weight down. I've lost one or two kilograms every week. My weight goes up and down. If my weight goes up I try to eat less. I eat two meals a day, breakfast and dinner or lunch and tea. I try not to snack between meals. I might treat myself once a week to a small bar of chocolate. I don't buy takeaways; I eat the food on the ward as it's better for you. I spend a lot of time walking and I play football when I can. I don't drink tea of coffee very often but if I have a coffee out I will use sweetener not sugar.

My clothes fit better, I feel better in myself and I'm less breathless because I'm not carrying so much weight. It's easier to do basic tasks like doing up my shoes. I can walk from Tenby ward to the sports hall without getting out of breath where as before I used to get out of breath walking from Penarth ward to the sports hall.

It's not as hard as people think it is. You do have to be strict with yourself; you just need to cut back on snacks and takeaways. It's well worth the effort.