Issue 31

Patients' Stories 

I first arrived in the clinic in January 2009 and was placed on the assessment ward of Tenby.
I remember the early days being grim and unpleasant with a lot of tension and anxiety in the air.
I was seeking to get off the ward so that I could do OT and this was arranged in due course. I did numerous activities and took time to learn new skills. Being off ward and being away from the communal area kept my behaviour in check generally. As things progressed I was moved on March 1st 2010 to Cardigan, a rehabilitation ward. I experienced a lot of nurses switching wards and also didn't have a functional primary nurse due to difficulties in shift times and the nurse having two patients to look after. Although I felt I was doing well, receiving four hour leaves to Swansea and attending my CTM, a situation arose which led me to clash with my team. I saw Peter the advocate on this occasion and he wrote a letter to the CTM highlighting the problems as he saw them.

Although I spent 2 years on Cardigan my Consultant seemed to think I was relapsing and so I went back to Tenby. This was going to take some adjusting to as the extra space and having certain perks like toiletries and bedclothes of your own weren't available on Tenby. So I went and spent another 12 months on the assessment ward again and this was difficult, having experienced the rehab ward and it's luxuries. I knuckled down due to having a first class primary nurse who assisted me to look forward and not to be negative. So I went through the Tribunal process which I was due after 3 years and that seemed to go well. I requested a move back to a rehab ward which eventually came following my CTP (Care and Treatment Plan) Meeting which takes place every 6 months. My Consultant and my CTM agreed to a move to Ogmore Ward, which was carried out straight away.

Now, after being on the ward for over a year, I have found it very beneficial in health care, compassion, guidance, and support on to a pathway to a lower security premises. At the moment it has got to be decided whereabouts it's going to be. I will be checking out the placements personally before a decision is decided on in a compromised way, hopefully.

So that's my story as a patient over five and a half years here at Caswell Clinic. Granville