Issue 31

Patients' Stories 

I'd like to comment on the team and their perseverance with me, it is easy to think that the hospital is as bad as the last one and all the others before. In a way it has been frustrating to me that I'm still a patient but on the other hand I am coming to the end of my stay at Caswell. Taking away a vast amount of knowledge about myself and illness when before I would have ignored the advice. But you treated me as myself and not a number. Obviously safety of the public comes first and that is obvious but they do have the patient's wellbeing at heart also which is reassuring when you are at the other side of the fence. It is easy to lose sight of the goal and transition from hospital to community. But in my particular case it has finally come. The courses are beneficial and giving you the skills to succeed with living a life outside hospital. I've never been in a hospital that gives more time and effort than this one.
I would just like to say thank you and all the best to you all on your journey.