Gardening Group

The garden this year as experienced long periods of hot dry summer weather, due to the lack of moisture in the ground : certain areas have had to wait for heavy rain. Elsewhere we have had good results, our pumpkins, marrows, squash and courgettes, this was mainly due to the soil having plenty of organic matter in it, this was created by using the area has a dumping ground for turfs, leaving them rot, forking over the area twice, before planting out the small plants grown from seed in the green house.

Our produce from the greenhouse has been a record crop of tomatoes and other items. Richard has used his vast experience and knowledge to know what verities of flowers to plant out that rabbits will not eat, such as plant with pricky leaves and stems. We had put up a new garden shed but with all the high winds it had to be taken away again. Gardening groups are on a Monday afternoon and Thursday morning for two hours and it’s a good chance to have some exercise digging and potting around the garden and of course fresh air so please see an O.T. and come and join in.