My story.....

People who come from prison usually think that they would have got out quicker if they had remained in prison, without addressing their problems with their mental health. It is easy to think this as I was one of them and thought the same.

But people with a mental illness are usually on hospital wings with the minority struggling in the main population, not getting the input they need. I started off in 2005 and I am still detained. I don't think it has been a pleasure cruise,but I have found out more about myself, an insight into my own illness, and obviously this is not the first hospital I have come to from prison, (it's my fifth), but out of any placement this is the longest in one particular hospital since 1992. I feel have benefited being here as I have explored my past and left no stones unturned and every avenue explored.

Before I came here I had limited psychological input, but since I came here they have gone through all my problems I have endured through my life which can only me now to benefit me when these problems arise in the future.

I feel I am head strong, stubborn aggressive, annoying and complacent but I can see by the way the people acknowledgement and are very friendly towards me is because they are willing to work with any patients to give that patient a chance to better themselves.

I would like to emphasise that I have finally made the decision not to go against the grain any more. What that means is to work with these professionals to achieve the same goal and not to go around and round in circles like I have in the past.

I always thought I knew better but I just thought everyone was against me, but it was the complete opposite. This is my experience; they don't want to detain you for longer than necessary.