Issue 30

Koestler Awards

I am very pleased with what I've produced for the Koestler Awards. I planned out non-fiction stories all true and a poem which was fiction. Possibly I may have been able to change a few things or added a little more but an audience can reflect on everything. I am very satisfied. I don't mind any outcome. Never doubt yourself and never look too far ahead, forget about your past, forget about tomorrow. It is all about the here and now which is brilliance, peace, love, paradise and tranquillity. I like to ask myself But do these have clear structure, maybe, I just understand about true stories. I find them easier to write rather than non-fiction. I just prefer truth. I get awarded by Koestler for what I've put in and get recognition or some kind of reward of achievement I would be very happy to receive a certificate. This is the fiction poem I gave to Koestler:


White doves are love doves

A sign of peace, love,

tranquillity for paradise

in other words total ecstasy they are flying above the skies

So silent the doves fly.

Doves are so above with love

Love doves fly together for ever love

When you see two turtle doves together it is a sign of love forever

The day a turtle dove rhythm she flew away

And the male rhymes was all alone

He was searching high and low

For rhythm but once again all alone

Damn man ecstasy!