Health Promotion on Ogmore Ward

On the 1st of august, Ogmore ward had a day dedicated to heath promotion. We ahad smoothie making in the morning, followed by a walking bleep test and talks about smoking cessation, improving current eating habits and increasing exercise. We also had a meal cooked by staff, which were all healthy meals, i.e. psta salad couscous, sweet potato wedges, turkey wraps. We ended the day with film night and healthy snacks! It was a day that was enjoyable for staff and patients and the feedback received is testament to that.

Since then we have tried to maintain interest in leading a healthier lifestyle. We have weekly gym/sport sessions in which the boys play basketball, Frisbee, utilise the gym, etc, and a daily walking group (weather permitting). We also have regular communal meals which the patients are involved in planning, preparing and eating! These are usually well balanced meals and are also used as an educational opportunity, which patients appear to enjoy. We have weekly smoothie groups, in which the patients participate in making. All you need is fruit, berries ,yoghurt and fruit juice. Blitz them up with the hand blender and enjoy.

Vicki R and Julia W