Health Promotion Cardigan Ward

On the 8th of August 2013 Cardigan ward held a health promotion afternoon. The afternoon took place to introduce and make people aware of the healthy lifestyle group. To promote healthy lifestyle choices it was decided that a healthy snack tasting afternoon would take place. Various fruit and vegetables, both everyday and unusual, were sampled with homemade dips and natural yoghurt. Information was also available to encourage healthy lifestyle choices. This included the 'eat well' plate which was used to demonstrate what a healthy nutritious meal should consist of, exercise tips and the benefits of giving up smoking.

Since the Health Promotion Afternoon, Cardigan ward have started a rambling group which takes place on a Saturday morning. In addition we have cooked with freshly grown vegetables from our garden. These have been used to create healthy meals such as stuffed marrows and vegetable lasagne. Going forward we will continue to make small changes which encourage healthy lifestyle choices and after talking with the guys this is something they want to do.

"It was a really good afternoon and I enjoyed the healthy snacks"

"the rambling group is something I look forward to".

Lucy B