User Friendly Group Meetings

On the first Friday of each month we meet in the café at 1 o'clock for our User Friendly group meetings. This format consist of patients from the clinic meeting with management to discuss patients concerns, managers interpretation of situations, and looking at oncoming business and events . Minutes are confirmed from previous meetings, and then we discuss the agenda of the minutes, reflecting on what action has been taken, if any.

The minutes during the meeting are taken either by a ward clerk or Sian D and then typed up by Michelle, advertisements of the meeting are displayed on all the wards and notice boards throughout the clinic a week before hand. The duration of the meetings are normally between half and three quarters of an hour long and attendance around 14 to 16 patients and staff combined. Ward managers and Heads of Departments attend to help with queries and to provide information and feedback As chairman for the last eighteen months, I have found it personally rewarding and interesting that clinical matters are discussed.