Issue 29

Sports Day

Sport-Activities-Football-iconThe scores were very close through out the event with Newton ward taking first place after clocking up a massive score on the wii fit. Due to the success of this sport's day, we are hoping to hold another in November and hope to see you all there.

A big thank you went to Jax for organizing a fantastic display of the benefits of healthy foods and the effects of unhealthy foods. Jax also supplied a varied selection of healthier snacks for everyone to try.

By Neil


This activity takes place on a Saturday morning, usually two activity co-ordinators take a couple of patients on a one to one and a half hour walk to different destinations. We have tended to do some coastal walk around Porthcawl, Ogmore and Southerndown when summer weather is suitable. With some walks on old cycling tracks. The walking exercise is good for the legs.


On a Wednesday morning with 2 OT members of staff, we head for a Swimming Pool, usually its Neil and Alex. Both myself and fellow patient Paul are enjoying the benefit of exercising our bodies by swimming. There's also a Health Suite with a Jacuzzi and sauna facilities.