Issue 29

User Friendly Group Meeting

This organisation has been set up over the last number of years by the patients to have mutual meetings with prominent staff such as a Ward Managers, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and Head of Administration. The meetings are held on the first Friday of every month, where items regarding the clinic's future, forthcoming events and any other topics are up for discussion. All patients are welcome on the day.

Issue 28

User Friendly Group

My name is Eamonn and I am the chairman of the User Friendly Group (UFG). The User Friendly Group is a meeting of staff from all the departments and any patients that want to attend. Anything of relevance is discussed from toe by toe reading scheme to spirituality.

The three departments of the staff who attend are firstly the ward managers who include: - Sharon R, John G and Jackie D, Kath L, Louise M. The OT department which is represented by Sian D (head of OT department),Jan D, Rachel M, Karl H, Gemma H, Alex P, Neil W, Louise T. Finally the activity Co-Ordinators who attend are:- Dale P, Craig T, Janette D, Mathew C and Nadine P.

Not everyone attends at the same time but the UFG is a powerful forum for discussing and influencing policy changes inside the clinic.

The meeting is held on the 1st Thursday of every month at 3pm in the Café or in the Pool/CTM rooms on the wards.

It would be great to see others at the meeting, so come along.