Issue 29

Volutary Roll

Since my stay started here at Caswell Clinic, I have been going to cooking sessions. I really enjoy these sessions. First of all, I started without sharps access and then gained sharps access. My favourite recipes to cook are fajita's and curry dishes.

I have tried many different dishes, and done a variety of recipes, so many that I cannot remember them all. I get on really chat-logo3well with Alex the OT Technician, He's great, and he is brilliant at showing me how to do things in the kitchen and teaching me new things to cook. Because I enjoy being in the kitchen so much, I took over the voluntary role of cleaning the kitchen. I have always done a lot of cleaning; I help out keeping the ward tea and coffee making area clean. I am forever cleaning my bedroom to keep it clean and tidy. I get a sense of achievement when something that started dirty or messy, looks nice and clean afterwards.


In the OT kitchen, I clean the work surfaces, the tiles on the walls, the microwave and oven and fridge freezer. I check the temperature on the fridge and record it for health and safety standards. I also check that all the food in the fridge is within date and has been labelled.

In the future I would like to move on and start a voluntary role and possibly a job in car valeting.