Issue 29


As a patient, I have been involved in doing woodwork with Neil over the last 2 years. The workshop is fully tooled out with the physical tools that are kept in cupboards or in their allocated place on display such as hammers, chisels, saws, screwdrivers, planes, tapes, rulers, hand drills etc.

Then there is all of the electrical equipment which is wired up to the mains, such as sanders, drills etc. When I began doing woodwork my first project was a planting container which was a wooden box on legs with drainage holes drilled through. This was used on the courtyard on Cardigan Ward by filling it with bedding plants. The next item I made with Neil's help was a bird-stand. We made a tripod based stand with a bird-house fixed on the top; this was passed onto my son who took it into his school. The most decorative project I tackled was a four-leg table, about 3ft high and on the top surface I had a chess/draught board ingrained in it. The board was made first with hard ebony and soft wood. A lot of attention and time was given to this part of the table, 64 square sections. When it was finished to a high standard after quite a time, it was recommended to put it forward for the Kostler Awards in London.

If you think you may be interested in woodwork see your OT for more details