Issue 28

At Koestler Awards 2010

graham painting
On Thursday 11 November we set off early to see the Koestler Exhibition at South Bank in London. This is about events exploring crime and creativity by art. This year had 5,619 entries and a small selection was shown at the Exhibition.

Although we have entered the Koestler Awards for the past seven years and have won numerous prizes we have never been to the Exhibition, therefore it was with much anticipation that we set out. With the help of our Sat-Nav we found the venue with few problems apart from manoeuvring around the busy traffic in London. At the exhibition there were many paintings depicting' life in secure units and a focus on how 'patients' see the human mind. There' was a video about young offenders expressing how they saw life in prison which was excellent.We noted that there was only one brilliantly made woodwork box. There was a circus on display as well as an art room full of miniature paintings and these were excellent. It reminded us of receiving a gold prize for a village we made with pebbles three years ago.