Issue 27

Leaves of Caswell

This write up is about the leaves of Caswell and how important it is to steer yourself to the right path. When I first was admitted I felt I had nothing to aim for, whereas a few months here I became to realise there′s a chance to turn my life around.

The leaves can seem quite rigid here to start off. But everything takes time; talking from experience it can take a little while however use every opportunity to utilise as many leaves as possible but try and have some consideration for other patients here.

Leaves of Caswell include the beautiful therapeutic garden which patients maintain, the garden is especially good to use where we can go for a good stroll, get some fresh air and if the sun is out catch some sun.

There are on occasions some events in the sports hall such as badminton, basketball and football and drama group, as well as a good gym. There is also a music room where you can practice kit drumming, guitar and also African Drum Music. We have an OT kitchen; a woodwork shop, there is also an education room where we can brush up on our English and Maths skills as well as use the computer terminals – we are just starting to go on line and these activities will always come in handy in the community.

Also available here at Caswell Clinic is a café were a lot of activities happen there like bingo, quiz, movie night, social evenings, and sky sports. We also have a shop that is open twice a week and sells confectionary, mineral water, crisps and toiletries, and gives away clothes and books.

We have a concrete workshop were we can make various things such as benches, plant pots, bird baths and sundials for the family.

As leaves progress we are granted ground leave. As well as walking around the grounds outside the clinic we can visit the local café for a coffee/tea and/or snack.

I know from experience it′s difficult to muster the motivation to attend various activities such as the gym due to medication but trust me every time I do an activity I feel great afterwards.