Issue 27

Caswell Clinic Stoneware

stone bench made at caswell clinic

Since attending this activity over the last 15 months, the orders we are catering for are mainly patio slabs in ribbondale and cobbled fashion. The moulds are in hard plastic. The cost of the moulds are very expensive We have various sizes and add dyes of yellow and black to the concrete mix.

The cement mixer is located in the backyard with the raw materials of sand and aggregate. The concrete mix consists of 3 buckets of sand, 2 buckets of chippings and 1 bag of cement. Water is added intermittently to bind the components together before the dye is added if needed. When mix is suitable it is tipped into the wheelbarrow and taken inside the unit and placed alongside the vibrating table in preparation to fill moulds with trowels.

stone bench made at caswell clinic

The moulds are vibrated for a few minutes and then placed in a resting area, this operation is carried out until all concrete is used. With buckets of hot water the cement mixer drum and all the tools used are washed down efficiently and then returned to the tool cupboard. Recently, new moulds which are made of fibre-glass and latex were ordered and delivered including a bench mould with supporting legs.