Issue 25

A day in the Life of a Patient

Am I Really Here

It's difficult to explain a day in a life of myself as I really don´t have a routine it changes from one week to the next, as being here for quite a while, for at least 12 months, I have found it easier to do what I do best, sleep in the day and stay awake at night, but over the last few months my responsibilities have increased either to family issues or activities suited to my needs. On an average month since wanting to feel I should get up I live better for it.

On a morning I do get up at a reasonable hour, I would say it would be at about 9am. I would then have a shower then I would put my name down for the gym, but for the high use of the gym and staff levels at Tenby Ward it´s a little more difficult to access the rest of clinic than Ogmore and Cardigan.

I really don´t do much over the lunch period, but I would imagine neither do a lot of other patients, unless of course they´re out on leaves which I´ve not been given the privilege of having, running up to lunch and over the lunch period it´s always useful to interact with staff to really keep your mind at ease and for you to know where you stand.

A typical day I might not get off the ward until night but it is a very busy ward with people coming and going to bingo, quiz, football, education, drug and alcohol awareness, creative writing, music therapy, cooking, art, pottery, craft, gym, holiday fun days, woodwork, gardening, film night,

It´s always handy to prepare you for rehabilitation and independence to do your own laundry, keep your room clean + tidy and keep to as much of a routine as you can, ready for when you leave this wonderful establishment.