Issue 26

A day in the Life of a Patient Part 2

Reality and the Truth

The reality of living here at Caswell for some patients is quite daunting at times, the truth is overwhelming, but we learn to work with our teams and the staff at Caswell, to achieve something that we the patients could never comprehend.

We learn when we´re back in the community, to deal with stress and with society´s troubles far better, with the necessary tools and a positive outlook to life.

Having said this it´s not easy, but with a lot of hard work and determination we can achieve this, to live our life in the community with respect from our families and piers, to accomplish something for ourselves and others, to know we have contributed something to our civilization.

For me personally I´ve changed a lot, I´m more determined to work far more with people to give every body an opportunity to help me and for me to help them.

Now been given the opportunity for outside leaves, I´ve come to the conclusion that there´s far more to life than dwelling on the past, sleeping all day and not doing anything constructive.

I would emphasis to all, mainly patients even though we may be capable of doing things for ourselves and we know we can live independently, we just need to prove it to our teams and the staff here at Caswell to move us closer to the world we love so much.