Issue 26


p90It´s been another good year for Caswell Clinic at the Koestler Awards Ceremony. Tegwyn presented all the Award´s to each individual participate who entered their work in the Koestler Competition.

These included creative writing, sculpture, pottery, textile art, oil and watercolour paintings and alternative music. The results from the ceremony really highlighted each person´s hard work and the potential each individual person has to enter in this special award.

Congratulations! to the African Drumming Group for their first Award for their piece "Wandasana" who practice every week with Dale (activity coordinator Alex OT Technician and Aaron the facilitator). It is great for the group to get recognition for their musical entry. The Creative Writing Group also got their first acknowledgment Well Done! to the group and the facilitators Jeannette (Activity Coordinator and Rachel M OT Technician).

Commended Awards went to SimonB for his piece "OLD Clay, New Look", AdrianT for "The Black Pearl", GavinW for "Engines of the Abyn" and finally KaneM for "The Phoenix". The Highly Commended Awards went to IanO for his sculpture "Patch" and KaneM for his piece "Alien". Finally The Silver Award went to the Editorial Group of the Caswell Chat AndyH, AdrianT, Bob G and MelS. The Gold Award went the Craft Group AndyH, AdrianT, NeilL and KaneM for their Collage "The four Seasons on a farm". A big thank you to Bernie and Rachel M (OT Technician) for their support and creativity in supporting the Craft Group).

As you all know this is my last Koestler Award Ceremony and it has been great to be a part of this yearly event. It gave me the opportunity to see participants progress and have their hard work get the recognition it deserved over the three and half years I have been at Caswell Clinic. I wish you all Good Luck! In the years to come with all your entries and work.

Congratulations! To you all and Good Luck for 2010.

Tracey.B O.T.)