Issue 26

Recycle Management

greenOgmoreWe can all be more Eco-Friendly, 60% more Trees are being cut down every year, producing mass quantities of useless waste such as cardboards, old News Papers, food wrappings. Research shows that we also mass produce waste of the plastic kind, which does considerable amount of damage to wildlife when left at sides of roads, forestry and even the Beach.

We also waste tonnes of food a day, if people can be more careful in not buying excess food, recycle our food waste for compost, it would be less damaging and cost effective, even by recycling cloths to the needy is a kind of recycling, Mobile phones can also be recycled, as some are damaging to our health. "We need to be responsible and show others that we care about our environment."

Research also shows that we do quite a huge amount of damage to our world which is called "Green House Gases".

Just by sparing 15mins a day to sort out your spare papers, plastic bottles and anything which you think that can be recycled would help us in the years to come.

In previous User Friendly Group Meetings, discussions on recycling our waste would be beneficial for Caswell Clinic as it may be cost effective and I feel we should show an example as a N.H.S Hospital: it may open opportunities for the patients to be more involved in an activity such as recycling