Issue 24

Caswell Clinic Allotment Project    wateringcans2Tilt

NG CC Allotment1November the 5th, should be a day to remember, "Remember, remember, the fifth of November," This was the day that the Caswell Clinic Allotment Project began.

Early on this November morning, three patients from the clinic, Andy, David and Melvyn, with the support of the Activity co-ordinators, Craig T. myself, Alan T.(C/A) and not forgetting the help and support of Dave S. who I forgot to mention in our leaflets, once again, sorry for that Dave. This was a day of hard work, beginning to clear the plot, making ready for winter, in order to get a great start next year. Both staff and patients worked hard and were all value members of the group, managing to clear about three quarters of the plot.allotment site Not a bad effort as the weeds and grass, stood three feet high. I must say a special thanks to Hugh (Cardigan) for the loan of a petrol trimmer. Using all the safety equipment, all the patients had a go at trimming the weeds and grass, wearing, ear protectors, face mask and gloves and under the supervision of myself.

NG CC Allotment2All the patients stated that it was a great leave and enjoyed themselves for the two and a half hours we were away from the clinic. Once again, a big thanks to the Cardigan Ward Manager, who made this new project all possible. We plan to make a second trip this year to finish off the clearing of the plot and lay sheets to cover over the ground during winter. The allotment project will start big time, next March/April. Patients there are posters on your wards so if you what to get out into the fresh air and play with dirt and mud, sign up in time to allow us to clear this leave with your clinical teams. I will spend the winter months trying hard to get us new equipment and a shed. I plan with the support of my ward manager and the support and hard work of the activity co-ordinators, to make this a great project. To all patients, this is a community leave, outside of the clinic. It will help staff support and asses your needs, in the community and help you to develop and enable your to move into your future.