Issue 22

Stretch Your Imagination

22 handCreative Writing enables us to find out about ourselves, how we see the world and how the world sees us. It gives an opportunity for self-discovery. Sometimes writing can be a fascinating journey of learning about your strengths, forming opinions, problem solving, sharing insights, comparing ideas and ultimately developing imagination and creative ability.

Writing can also form a permanent record, something to look back on to recognise that changes have occurred. In the same way that people build up photo albums, you can also build up a poetry album with snapshots of

your emotions. Writing can be incredibly powerful. Feelings are expressed but no one needs to hear them but the "quiet accepting page". On the other hand, writing can allow vital communication where people struggle to verbalise thoughts and emotions.

The Creative Writing group in Caswell is a group that should bring enjoyment. It can help build confidence and self esteem. If you feel that this is not for you because of "not being good at English", cast your fears aside. There are no tests for spelling or punctuation, just a relaxed environment where only your imagination is stretched.